Top Haifa Hotels

It’s a tough choice to select the top Haifa hotels, but we’ll explore three excellent choices as a cross-section of the best. A couple of the hotels are boutiques, and the other an apartment hotel. They are located in different parts of Haifa, including the North District, Old Town center and German Colony. We’ll highlight what to anticipate what to avoid. The first of the top Haifa hotels is Bat Galim Boutique Hotel.

Bat Galim Boutique Hotel: Pamper me!

Bat Galim HotelWhat do you expect when you see “boutique” in the name of one of the top Haifa hotels? Certainly, boutique suggests caring staff that help guests enjoy their stay. It also nods to stylish décor and attention to detail, such as a kettle in the room. Boutique predicts small. elegant surroundings and carefully prepared breakfasts. In all those ways, the Bat Galim Boutique Hotel lives up to its name to make the list of top Haifa hotels, so here are some things to consider if you want to book a room.

Room to roam

Reserve a room early in this boutique, one of the top Haifa hotels, as there are only 12 rooms. There are special accommodations for the handicapped. As with some of the other top Haifa hotels, it doesn’t accommodate children or pets.

The boutique is not in a bustling tourist area, but traffic in front can be loud. For that reason, consider getting a room that’s not at the front of the hotel. Also be aware that you’ll have to tote your luggage upstairs. If that’s a problem, perhaps a room on a lower level would be better. Speaking of rooms, make sure that yours is not one of the cheapest, small rooms with a correspondingly small bed. The size would be inadequate for couples; however, the beds are comfortable. Now that you’ve reserved your room, what can you see in the area?

Nestled in the North District, this boutique, one of the top Haifa hotels, is steps away from Bat Galim Beach. The bus to Mt. Carmel is on the corner, very close. Nearby is Rambam Medical Center. Within a mile are Elijah’s Cave, Quiet Beach and Haifa Port. A couple of miles will get you to Haifa’s Municipal Theater, or Baha’i Gardens in Akko.

Pleasing to the senses

Anytime after 1400 hours is check-in time. Late check in is by phone. You’ll walk into the cozy, spotless lobby. You’ll be warmly greeted and offered a beverage and pastry. As you look around, you’ll be impressed by the attention to detail.

The architect owner refurbished a former bar, tastefully decorated rooms and opened to hotel guests in 2015. It quickly became one of the top Haifa hotels. Virtually new, everything looks good and works well, and the Wi-Fi is free throughout.

When you get to your room, the private bathroom with walk-in shower will wow you. You’ll love the huge rainfall shower head and the good water pressure. You’ll love the staff even more.
The most remarkable aspect of staying at the Bat Galim Boutique is the staff that ensures guests feel right at home. They’ll happily answer any questions you have—in Russian, Hebrew or English.

1926 Designed ApartHotel: Turn-Key Home Away from Home

1926 Designed Apart HotelWhatever size apartment you choose at this non-smoking, pet-free hotel, you’ll feel more like a resident that an out-of-town visitor. One child under two is free, but no extra beds are available. Your apartment in one of the top Haifa hotels is nestled in a lively, up-and-coming, trendy part of town. You’ll be surrounded by bars, restaurants and plenty of night life.

If you’re not into that scene, select an apartment off the main street in a quieter part of the hotel. Also, ask if your apartment has noise blocking windows—or bring earplugs with you. One section has an elevator If you require one.

You’ll be greeted with a basket of snacks and milk and water in the ‘fridge. Now that your energy is back, you’ll probably want to look around the area.

The helpful hotel owners are happy to answer your questions about what to see and where to eat in Arabic, English, Hebrew, Romanian or Spanish. Tuck your small valuables in the room safe and head out–if you can tear yourself away from the free Wi-Fi, that is.


The Aparthotel is in a pedestrian zone amid the Old Town center of downtown Haifa. The location is convenient to public transportation, the German Colony and Baha’i Gardens. Since this hotel is in a pedestrian zone, you’ll need to use public or on the street parking.

If you stay a while, you’ll appreciate the free laundry. Remember, this is an apartment, not a hotel room, so don’t expect daily cleaning. A note to the wise: turn the hot water switch on a half-hour before showering.

You can expect soft and cozy beds and well supplied linens and a completely furnished kitchen. You may request a balcony apartment to enjoy the city sights. This, one of the top Haifa hotels, offers a home base for adventurers.

The Colony Hotel: Modern Historic Charm

Haifa Colony HotelEnjoy mosaics and old world charm at one of the top Haifa hotels in the popular German Colony of the North District You’ll be close to Haifa Port, Baha’i Gardens and much more. Visitors enjoy the Madatech Museum of science, technology and space.

No matter when you want to travel, there’s good public transportation, so leave your car in the nearby free public parking, and make it a real vacation.

To see other sights, take advantage of the local knowledge of the staff, who speak several languages and will assist you most willingly.

Pampering menu

The Colony, another of the top Haifa hotels, offers pampering at the top of its menu. Daily maid service, breakfast in the room, laundry services, massages and an in-hotel bar will make you feel like a head of state. Note: The bar closes early so guests won’t be disturbed by noise. Relax outside on your balcony if your room has one, or explore the terraces and garden.

When you book, in addition to asking about a balcony, select a floor above ground rather than on ground level, as that is below the street. If you prefer a quiet room, consider getting one overlooking the patio, as the ones on the main road tend to be noisy throughout the night. Rooms vary in size and views. Favored rooms overlook the gorgeous Baha’i Gardens.

No matter which of these top Haifa hotels you select, you’re bound to enjoy all of the sights of this diverse and historic city. Before leaving, be sure to call the hotel for special needs and current information.