How To Choose The Best Dental Implants

A dental implant is a metal post or frame inserted into the jawbone to hold a replacement tooth or a bridge. Many people undergo implantation because it provides a more suitable and more convenient alternative to removable prosthesis.

If you are considering this option as well, you may want to determine the best implants and acquaint yourself with available options. This article aims to help you in that direction:

Dental Implants Types

There are basically two types of implants, but if you consider the types according to design, there are at least 7.

1. Endosteal — The term means “in the bone”. Hence, it is designed to be inserted into the jawbone. There are different metal cylinders, screws and blades used for this purpose. Once the implants are in place, artificial crowns and bridges are fixed on them. These prosthetic teeth feel and look natural on the body. However, it is important for a patient to have good quality and quantity of jawbone to be considered for this type of dental implant.

2. Subperiosteal — The term means “on the bone”. It is designed to be fitted on top of the jaw using metal framework. This is usually the best option for patients who are unable to use removable dentures or undergo endosteal implantation due to poor jawbone quality.

It is easy for specialists to determine whether you require an Endosteal or a Subperiosteal dental implant. Nonetheless, there are other factors to consider as well. You have to determine the price, the method to be used, and the like.

Choosing Dental Implants:

1. Ask Your Dentist — It is OK to ask the professionals themselves. Try asking an implant specialist or your dentist about the different implants you can have. Since these professionals have better knowledge of the latest technologies being used in dental implantation, they can provide you with better recommendations.

2. Ask People You Trust — Your friends, family members, colleagues, and other people you trust may have had dental implantation before. If you do know someone who have undergone dental surgery in the past, ask them where they got theirs. Make sure to ask for other details like cost, post-surgical experience, and the like.

3. Read Case Studies — Case studies provide better insight into the various technologies used in implantation. If you want to determine the best options, then you can definitely scan through various case studies. This way, you’ll have a better understanding about how they work and how they are performed.

4. Read Reviews — Just be careful with fake reviews on the Internet. There are many reviews aimed at destroying or over-promoting certain clinics, dental implantation techniques, and certain specialists. Hence, try to read as many reviews as possible to get a better overview.

5. Compare Prices — Implantation is generally more expensive than traditional prosthetic methods. However, you can choose affordable dental implants according to your budget through price comparison. You may also want to take advantage of promotional offers from clinics.

The medical terms that doctors use may leave patients confused. Hence, before you ask your doctor about which dental implant is best for you, try to do your own research first. You have to find a good clinic before you undergo surgical implantation. Make sure that you have sufficient budget not only to pay for surgery, but for post-surgical expenses as well.